How Can I Get the Most Used-Car for my Money?

Car buyers seek value in the reduced prices that are associated with pre-owned vehicles. Many of these cars come back to the lot in excellent shape, with extremely low mileage and for all practical uses, run like new. These vehicles are often targeted by consumers for the best value-to-usage rates. To ensure you're getting a vehicle in stellar condition, you're going to want verification from a source you can trust. How then do car buyers acquire accurate information on used vehicles?

The answer would lie in knowing where to navigate your local dealership's CPO page. CPO stands for "Certified Pre-Owned Cars", these vehicles generally consist of newer-model cars with minimal to no damage, low mileage, and have passed inspections. Dealerships also tend to offer low financing rates, and quality assistance maintenance on CPO vehicles. At BMW Gallery of Norwood, we offer a Kelley Blue Book® Trade in Value tool so people can accurately price their current vehicle for trade-in. For context, Kelley Blue book® also provides a basic blueprint on CPO typical features:

  • Under 5 years old
  • Less than 100,000 mileage
  • No significant damage
  • Inspected
  • Extended Warranty
  • Various Financing incentives

If you know the value of your vehicle, you can get the most quality out of your lease or purchase options which include Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. At BMW Gallery of Norwood, we offer both Certified Pre-Owned BMW's as well as used BMW listings. If you have questions, or would like to learn more, please visit us at BMW Gallery of Norwood, serving the areas of greater Boston, Franklin, Needham, Milton & Sharon, Massachusetts.