Discover the Fall Service Event here at BMW Gallery of Norwood!

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Well, the warm and sunny summer season is now in our rearview mirrors and the fall has officially arrived. The leaves are beginning to drop and so is the temperature with each passing day, and the cold winter months will be here before we know it. And here at BMW Gallery of Norwood, we want to ensure that our customers throughout Norwood, Milton, Greater Boston and beyond are prepared for winter and their vehicles are running in optimal condition.

To ensure that you, your family and your automobile is ready for the upcoming season, there are several autumn vehicle maintenance tasks that you should certainly consider and address before the harsh weather of winter arrives here in Massachusetts. Simple tasks such as an oil change, washer fluid top-off, heating system inspection, battery replacement, brake pad check, transmission examination, tire pressure check, tire tread check and wheel alignment can be very important in maintaining the health of your beloved BMW this winter, and also help you avoid costly and dangerous issues further down the road.

In addition to the leaves and the temperature dropping, the prices right here at our service center are also dropping!

If you are interested in whipping your car into optimal shape this autumn for an incredibly affordable and competitive price, you will be very pleased to learn that our dealership is currently home to an attractive fall service event that you do not want to miss! Head on over to our service specials page to explore the compelling offers that you can take advantage of at our state-of-the-art service department.

Play it safe this fall, make sure your ride is ready for winter, and schedule your service appointment with us at your earliest convenience!

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