How do I get my car ready for winter in Massachusetts?

Winter in Massachusetts can be brutal: snow and ice everywhere. At BMW Gallery of Norwood, we want to make sure that you can be ready for anything nature throws at you. To make this a reality, you will need to make sure your vehicle undergoes a winterization process, making sure your vehicle won't breakdown during the biggest storm of the season.

Replacing your oil with one that is better suited for cold weather is a good place to start. You should also replace your windshield wiper blades and fill up your windshield washer fluid container to make sure that you always have the best visibility. Checking your tire pressure and battery will make sure you don’t have any inconvenient stops, and maybe even switching to snow tires would be advised. If you are looking for a more comprehensive collection of advice, you should schedule a service appointment with our service team. Our experts will do everything that your vehicle will need for the winter, making sure you can travel with ease this winter.

You can contact our service team at (877) 879-5073 if you only have a handful of questions. Our dealership serves the greater Boston area, including places like Needham, Sharon, Milton, and Franklin, keeping as many people safe and confident during the winter months. We encourage you to visit us soon to get on the way to being prepared.

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