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The 2017 BMW 5 Series in Norwood, MA: A Legacy Continues

Here at BMW Gallery of Norwood, we enjoy celebrating greatness when it comes to luxury BMW models and the enriching experiences that they can provide. With such a tenured history of fine achievements for luxury shoppers seeking that next level in commuting moments, there's something amazing about the impact that a sleek new BMW model can make on the outlook of any drive. And now, the 2017 BMW 5 Series sets out to add to that legacy even further. This seventh generation model is an astounding example of innovation and set to arrive here to our dealership "serving greater Boston", Milton, Needham and Sharon MA in the near future.

So what can we anticipate from this savvy luxury sedan? It will come equipped with the first ever BMW iDrive 6.0, a system with modernized capabilities that even allows you to control vehicle functions with your hands through the optional gesture control feature. It takes this forward-thinking approach with active lane keeping assist and available adaptive mode as well, helping cater to your specific preferences and habits on the road as a driver in Norwood. And with an interior that is designed for you to immediately transition into a relaxed state every time that you climb in, along with a lightweight high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium body for sporty agility, you'll soon realize that there is exciting untapped potential left for you to exploit in the sedan that you choose to drive.

Norwood drivers interested in the 2017 BMW 5 Series here at BMW Gallery of Norwood should feel free to reach out to one of our helpful sales representatives for details on future availability, as this new BMW model will be gracing our showroom floor very soon.

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